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We have a growing portfolio of over 500 events in India, including trade and consumer exhibitions, conferences and meetings, ranging across 43 industry sectors from aerospace and aviation to beauty and cosmetics to sports and recreation.

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If you need to participate in any Exhibition or you want to organize an exhibition or Trade Shows in the market then you have selected a better platform by choosing us for your services and support because we are here to solve your all these problems of Event Management, Decoration, Site Booking, Event Planning, Fabrication, Stalls, Event Execution and all the services of Event Organization with help of our colleagues and we assure you to serve incredibly well in the exhibition and Trade Shows. We offer Vendors also who can serve you with a complete set solutions from the starting level of the show to the last level of execution. The responsibilities of our team and the services which we offer to you in the exhibitions are given in very short.

-       Exhibition Stall Designing

-       Exhibition Stall Fabrication

-       Exhibition Stall Setup

-       Site designing

-       Trade Show Setup Designing

-       Array and Logistics Design

-       3D and Graphics Design

-       Transportation Management

-       Front Desk Management

-       Media Management

-       Advertisement and Promotions Management

-       Emergency Alerts

-       Security Services arrangement

-       Speakers and audio video arrangement

-       Staff Support

To organize a good and memorable event is a task of very stress and complicacies. It is a tension for an individual one or an organization which is a fresher in this field, If you think that you can do it better then it is a big risk to spend your all the amount which at last results nothing and all your efforts are in vain. We have a good supportive staff which delivers a better hospitality with help of a very comprehensive and easier way of solution to give better visual effect. Our management provides all the above services like Stall Design, Stall Fabrication, 3D Design, Graphics Design, Transportation, Media, Security and Staff.

Exhibition is a corporate decision to show the products and services at one place and analyze the market trends. You can consider the various advantages of the Exhibition or Trade Show on your products or services. It is the best way to research your products and get knowledge of market and positioning of your products. In the other side you can this as an advertisement and Promotion of your brand in the market because this the place where you show your product to the individuals and you can directly connect to the customer know about their motivation on your products. It is a very cost effective method of advertisement if you are connected with us to take a stall for your products exhibition.



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